"Studium discendi voluntate quae cogi non potest constat" - Marcus Fabius Quintilianus

Melvindale has a Moodle site through Wayne RESA for us to use. Mr. Fish would like the faculty to link their Weebly or other websites that have your lesson plans to that page and pin the Universal Resource Locator (URL) to the top of the page. This page will help you create a URL link in your Moodle.

First, please make a Moodle Class in the district's Moodle site. If you haven't done so, please visit
https://moodle.resa.net/mn to get this set up.
Second, make sure you have the URL for your website handy for copy and pasting. That comes up in the next step.
Next, make sure you have turned on editing as described in the first video. There are two ways to add a URL to your Moodle. This video shows you how.
Lastly, there is only one thing left to do. That's right! Go for ice cream. ( <—— Click)