"Studium discendi voluntate quae cogi non potest constat" - Marcus Fabius Quintilianus

Notes taken at the International Society for Technology in Education Conference in Denver, CO.
A presentation by the Folger Library on using podcasting to teach and analyze Shakespeare's plays.
10 things technology leaders need to know.
Tuesday's Keynote panel discussion.
Building virtual schools. A panel talks about how they put together their virtual schools to meet the needs of rural schools with limited funds.
Publish student work and create your own text books through ePublishing software.
Students create remixes of content to demonstrate understanding. Creative Commons license standards itegrated as part of the presentation.
Web 2.0 Tools
Steve Hargadon led a Smackdown type of session where people got to demonstrate their favorite web tools.
Building a distance learning program.
Dr. Howard Rheingold's presentation on teaching kids to be critical thinkers of online media.
Using Google Apps in Education
Use a paper version of Facebook/Fakebook to hook kids into biography. (Note: These notes from the Michigan Joint Education Conference 2010 at Redford Thurston)