"Studium discendi voluntate quae cogi non potest constat" - Marcus Fabius Quintilianus

Michigan Council for the Social Studies

Helped John O’Neill with his presentation at the Michigan Council for the Social Studies on Friday, November 4, 2011.

Washington D.C. 2012 Fundraising

Spent 6 hours last week volunteering my time to raise funds for the Washington D.C. trip. Had fun interacting with my students outside a classroom environment.

Central Michigan University CMLA Presentation

Had a great time with the Central Michigan University Collegiate Middle Level Association’s bi-weekly meeting. I gave a presentation on transition practices from both elementary to middle and middle to high school. Great bunch of folks! Thanks to Chad Creary and Dr. Norma Bailey for the invitation to speak last Wednesday night. 1 hour of presenting, 6 hours of travel. 96 was down to 25 mph on the way to CMU . . .

Michigan Association of Middle School Educators

Represented Blaine Goodrich, Executive Director, at the Warren Woods Middle School meeting organizing the MAMSE conference there in March. What a great bunch of people! 2 hours total.

Volunteer Hours

Volunteered at the “Housekeeping” Orientation for the high school again today. Another 4 hours.